1.1 These terms and conditions, together with similarpills Privacy Policy, set out the terms of use that will apply when you place an online order for sleeping pills and/or anti-anxiety medicines through our website. If you don’t fully understand any points or have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, you can contact similarpills.
1.2 You are required to confirm that you have read this document and that you understand and accept the terms before you place an online order at similarpills.
1.3 Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change, therefore it is important that you review the document and save or print a copy of the current terms and conditions prior to each online order that you place on our website.
1.4 These terms and conditions do not affect your legal rights under your applicable country laws related to the sales of online medicines.
2.1 Each online order submitted by the user constitutes an offer to purchase sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medicines. Orders are subject to similarpills acceptance and may be refused at the company’s discretion. The company reserves the right to refuse an online order if:
The order cannot be processed due to an error in the contact information provided by the customer.
There is an error in the information present on the online pharmacy relating to the medicine that the customer has ordered. For example, an error in the price or description of the medicine ordered by the customer.
The medicines that are ordered by the customer are no longer available through the online shop.
2.2 After similarpills has received your order, the company will send an email confirming the receipt of your order. In case you fail to receive a confirmation email, you should contact similarpills before you try to place another order for the same medicine.
2.3 The company will send you an email when your order is being delivered, confirming that your order has been received by similarpills.
2.4 If you have any queries or comments regarding similarpills order accepting terms and conditions, or if you think that your order was wrongfully rejected, you can contact similarpills from our website Contact Us page.
similarpills will have the legal right to make changes to information about medicines displayed in the online store. The company can change the price, description, or availability status of any medicine at any time without any prior notification. similarpills will not, however, make any changes to the description, price, or availability of any medicine after an order has been accepted and processed.
You can make changes in your order or cancel your order at any time before the order has been processed by similarpills. To make changes to an order that has been processed by the company, please contact similarpills using the contact form on our website Contact Us page. The company may or may not accept your request to make changes to your order depending on the specific circumstances.
You can track the progress and status of your online order by logging into your similarpills account. You can also contact the company using our Contact Us page for an update on the status of your order.
6.1 In some cases, some medicines may not be available for all countries. You will be informed of any such restrictions at the time of order placement.
6.2 The shipping and handling charges will depend on your country of residency and the value of your online order. If a package is subjected to any customs duties or tariffs, the customer will be responsible to pay the charges.
6.3 Any date and time provided to you regarding the delivery of your order are estimates. Although similarpills aims to provide customers with as accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) as possible, the company cannot promise that they are accurate.
6.4 similarpills reserves the right to deliver the medicines ordered online in separate shipments.
6.5 Medicines that are delivered to you will become your property at the time that you receive them, provided that similarpills has received full payment for the order. As soon as similarpills has delivered the product to the customer, the customer will be responsible for it and for any damage or loss of the product thereafter.
7.1 The amount charged for medicine is always equivalent to the price displayed on the online store at the time of order placement.
7.2 similarpills can change the price of a medicine at any time, without any prior notification to the customer.
If you wish to return a package for refund that is sold and delivered to you by similarpills, which is faulty or otherwise damaged when you received it, which develops a fault after you receive it, or which does not correspond to the description provided on the website, you can do so in accordance with our Returns and Exchange Policy.
9.1 The information provided on the website of similarpills is not intended to take the place of expert medical advice. The information cannot be used for self-diagnosis and/or self-treatment.
9.2 In order to buy sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medicines from our website, you must be at least 18 years of age.
9.3 All medicines purchased from this website are for an individual’s personal use. The medicines cannot be resold or supplied in any other way to a third party.
9.4 similarpills accepts no liability for any damage that may arise from misuse of the medicines sold or from the information provided on the website.
9.5 As a customer, you understand and agree that you are responsible for complying with your local regulations regarding purchase, delivery, and use of medicines. similarpills cannot be held liable for medicines confiscated due to import restrictions in your country of residency.
9.6 You agree to use any medicine purchase from similarpills after prior medical advice.
9.7 similarpills cannot be held responsible for any delays arising due to late delivery of medicines from manufacturers or suppliers, due to third party delays such as public holidays or due to any other unforeseen delays.
9.8 similarpills reserves the right to change product prices without any prior notification.
9.9 similarpills reserves the right to withdraw any product available for sale on its website without any prior notice.
9.10 similarpills cannot be held responsible for price changes arising from currency exchange rate fluctuations.
9.11 You understand that you cannot cancel an order once payment has been taken by the company
9.12 By using our website, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions stated here and by the terms stated in the Privacy Policy document of the company.